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Is the New Captain of the Big Boss House Shiv Thakare? Check Now!

In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, The show asked viewers to pick their favorite contestants out of Abdu Rozik, Shi Thakare, and MC Stan to be the new captain. Shiv Thakare is the new captain, which surprised the fans a lot.

Every day, the people who make Bigg Boss 16 add new twists and turns, which makes the show more interesting. The season has been extended by five weeks, and Salman Khan will host the final episode, which will air in February 2023. In the most recent episode of Big Brother 16, fans got their first chance to go into the house and vote for the captain they wanted.

Here’s What Went Down in the Most Recent Episode of Bigg Boss 16

  • Bigg Boss 16 asked fans to vote for their favorite contestant to become the new captain of the house.
  • Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Abdu Rozik were among the candidates who took part in a captaincy task. In their platform, the candidates gave a speech.
  • Fans liked Shiv Thakare’s manifesto, which helped him become the new captain of the house.
  • Vikkas Manaktala and Archana Gautam get into a nasty fight, which is one of the episode’s many highlights. Archana was very picky about the kitchen, so she didn’t want Vikkas to make tea on the stove while she was cooking. Many contestants have given in to Archana’s quirks and habits up until now, but Vikkas is not in the mood to give in.
  • Vikas and Archana’s fight got nasty, and it looks like it could turn into something violent. A pot of boiling water falls into a pot of hot oil and spills all over the kitchen. Then, Archana points a pan at Vikkas. Vikkas knocks it off and warns the other housemates that the fight is about to get worse.
  • Soundarya steps in and tells Vikkas that he can’t get violent. He thinks that Archana is trying hard to make him angry, so he agrees with Soundarya.
  • After Shiv Thakare and Shalin Bhanot flirted with Maahim, a cute four-legged member of the group, there was another interesting event.

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