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Is EDP445 Still Alive? Why He Was Banned From Social Media?

Bryant Moreland is an American YouTube star who is better known as EDP445. He is known for his YouTube channel, EDP445, where he posts about the Philadelphia Eagles, which is his favorite NFL football team. EDP445 was recently accused of sending rude messages to a 13-year-old girl while trying to meet her. It is thought that EDP445 will have a net worth of about $2 million in 2022.

Is EDP445 Dead? : EDP445 was big news in 2021, and he or she was on almost all social media platforms. However, this all went away, and now no one knows if EDP445 is dead or not, nor do they know where EDP445 is now. Let’s find out what happened to EDP445 that led so many people to wonder if EDP445 is dead and where is EDP445 now.

Is EDP445 Still Alive?

This American YouTuber is well-known for starting gaming and food channels in addition to his rant and vlog channel. People have been wondering if EDP445 is dead because he hasn’t been on social media, as the statement showed.

Is Youtuber EDP445 Still Alive or Dead

Since no one has said that EDP445 has died, the answer to the question “Is EDP445 dead?” is NO. The content that YouTuber EDP445 posted and what happened to him caused a stir among other YouTubers and Internet users.

But if he was so well-known, why do people still ask if EDP445 is dead when we don’t know for sure? Even though EDP445 was well-known, after what happened to EDP445 it slowly faded away. Most social media sites that let users upload videos took down EDP445’s videos, leaving a space. People who didn’t know what had happened to EDP445 asked quickly if they were still alive.

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Why EDP445 Was Banned From Social Media?

When it was found out that EDP445 was trying to get close to children and doing pedophilic things, he was banned from social media sites like YouTube. He said he was looking for a 13-year-old girl who didn’t exist in a YouTube video.

Sources say that he also sent this made-up 13-year-old s*xual texts, movies, and pictures. All of this led to his videos being taken off YouTube. Many more social media platforms were also taken down. Many people think that EDP445 went on to work for a company that delivers food.

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