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iPhone 13 will get only ₹ 760 per month, know how to get it


Everyone wants to buy an iPhone at some point. Especially when it comes to the latest iPhone 13, buying it is probably everyone’s dream. Apple’s iPhone 13 is one of the best-selling flagship smartphones in the world. The device is equipped with Apple A15 Bionic chip and was recently launched in Green finish. However, due to its price, it is still out of reach for many people. But you can make it yourself for Rs 760. Yes, Verizon is offering a special offer for low-budget buyers, under which customers can use the phone for just $ 10 (about Rs 760 per month). Isn’t it a wonderful offer? Let’s know everything in detail about the offer

For those who do not know, let us tell you that Verizon is an American network operator. The company provides calling and internet facility to its customers in the US and other countries. It is running iPhone 10 Apple iPhone 13 offer for customers in US only.

How to get iPhone 13 for 10 per month?
Verizon is running an offer where customers can buy the iPhone 13 at an affordable rate. All you have to do is get an Apple iPhone 13 with Verizon Unlimited line starting at $10 per month.

There will be a complete saving of Rs 26,000.
The plan requires you to pay for 36 consecutive months, which means you’ll have to pay a total of ₹360 (about Rs 27,000) over three years for the smartphone, which currently retails for $699 (approximately Rs 53,000). Used to be. , Well, that sounds like a really good deal. If you take advantage of the iPhone 13 offer, you will save around $339 (approximately Rs 26,000) on the market price.

$10 off on 128GB variant
Verizon’s $10 iPhone 13 offer applies to the 128GB storage variant of the smartphone. If you are considering the variant with more storage, then you will have to pay a little more every month. For example, you’ll pay iPhone 12.77 per month for 36 months for an iPhone 13 with 256GB of storage. Plus, you can get the 512GB variant for just $18.33 per month for 36 months.

there is no down payment
You will not have to pay any downpayment to avail the offer. However, a one-time activation fee of $35 (approximately Rs 2670) will be charged. However, given the complete deal, there should be no problem in getting it delivered.



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