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India Has Reported 179 New Cases of Covid in Just One Day!!


In the last 24 hours, India reported 179 new cases of Covid and one death, according to data from the union health ministry on Saturday. This brings the total number of cases to 44.7 million and the number of deaths to 5,30,726. The number of active cases in the country dropped to 2,227.

Covid cases are always going down all over the country. Karnataka has 162 active cases, while Kerala has 1340. There are 143 active cases in Maharashtra, 94 in Odisha, 35 in Rajasthan, 56 in Tamil Nadu, 19 in Uttar Pradesh, and 52 in West Bengal.

In the last 24 hours, the country did more than 1,47,467 tests. So far, more than 220,16 crore vaccine doses have been given to people across the country as part of the Covid vaccination drive. About 52,577 doses of vaccine have been given in the last 24 hours.

In the meantime, INSACOG, which is run by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), keeps a close eye on the Covid situation in the country and keeps sequencing the genome to find any new variants.

Also, through surveillance, hospitals are keeping an eye on cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory illness (SARI).

Due to the rise in Covid cases in China and other parts of the world, the central government has made Covid-19 tests mandatory for all travelers arriving from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand at Delhi International Airport.

These instructions to the state government come at a time when the Omicron BF.7 variant is causing an increase in infections in China and other countries.

On Monday, the ministry of health for the union said that Covid-19-positive samples from sentinel sites showed that all Omicron variants were present in the community. The government’s sentinel sites for the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) sent 324 Covid-19-positive samples to 22 INSACOG labs for sequencing. The samples were taken from different sentinel sites from December 29 to January 7.

Researchers have made new molecules that can be sprayed into the nose to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus from getting into the lungs and causing an infection. When people breathe, the COVID-19 virus gets into their bodies through their lungs, making them sick.

Now, engineers at the US’s Johns Hopkins University have made thin threads of molecules called supramolecular filaments that can stop the virus in its tracks. Honggang Cui, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, said, “The idea is that the filaments will act like a sponge to soak up the COVID-19 virus and other viruses before they can attach to cells in our airways.”

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