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In view of the increasing cases of corona in Ahmedabad, 1200 bed hospital was started immediately, be ready to wear mask and maintain social distance.

Corona cases are increasing once again in Ahmedabad city. Corona cases are increasing gradually all over Gujarat. The cases of corona are increasing in the whole of Gujarat for the last few days. Therefore, immediate action is being taken by the health system and the process of investigation is now being done expeditiously. Testing domes have also been made at the railway station, airport, ST bus station in Ahmedabad.

With the increase in the cases of corona in Ahmedabad, now a hospital of 1200 beds is being built. Twelve bats have been arranged in the trajectory area and doctors and nursing staff will also be seen there. Also 64 ICU beds are being prepared in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. He will be seen treating all the medical personnel in the medical field with an oxygen cylinder. Also while talking to a senior citizen said that people have now forgotten. There is still a need to be cautious about the corona epidemic, but corona has not yet completely emerged from India.

In the last ten days, there has been a steady increase in the cases of corona in Ahmedabad. On June 1, 21 cases were reported in Ahmedabad city. When 28 patients were discharged and sent home. On June 2, 27 cases were reported in Ahmedabad city and 13 patients returned home after recovering completely. At the same time, the regular increase in this figure, which is now the health system, has become active once again.

Corona cases are increasing all over Gujarat. Today there has been a sudden increase in the number of tax cases and in the last 3 hours, 143 cases have been reported across Gujarat. With the highest number of regular cases in the last three days, the system has been restarted. At present, there are 608 positive cases in Gujarat, with the highest number in Ahmedabad. On 3 March and 7 May, two people lost to Corona and died.

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