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In Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, a young man started the business of supplying medicines in Amazon packing, but in this way the price exploded.

A big scam has come to the fore in Ahmedabad for creating a fake website and smuggling drugs under the guise of Amazon’s packaging. A police team raided an apartment near Vastrapur lake and seized 3.637 kg of drugs worth Rs 8.25 lakh along with amphetamines, opioid derivatives, cannabis and hashish from two accused Sohil alias Sahil Zuberbhai Sherman and Basit Sama. confiscated.

After a lot of interrogation by the police, it was found that Akash Vinjla and Karan Wagh were involved in the scam in Rajula, on the basis of which the police sent both of them running. They are doing this business for the last one and a half years to earn more money in less time.

These people were first getting charas and ganja from Akash and small tigers from Mumbai to Madhya Pradesh, then packing Amazon in Vastapur flat and supplying it to the people.

These people were first coming to Gujarat from Mumbai, then Madhya Pradesh, then Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat.

Akash and Nana Wagh set up a website for the supply of jaggery in which they registered their personal business but the police investigated further.

According to the police, this business started about a year and a half ago. Initially, these people were running their business from Rajkot but then moved to a rented house in Ahmedabad and for the last two months are running the business of selling drugs from a rented house in Ahmedabad.

Both are only 3 years old and today they are stuck in every support. They were supplying drugs. On further investigation, the police revealed that he was supplying his parcels in private buses. But when the parcel was kept in Jalaram Travels, the full report was given to the police. The police investigated on an immediate basis and arrested all.

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