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In Varanasi, PSI slaps Gohil no por at a gambling den in Navinagar

Vadodara: After entering the new PSI of Varanasi police station, one after the other the liquor and gambling bases have been raided.

At that time 7 gamblers including Hitesh Patel, who was playing at the house of Hitesh Bhai Becharbhai Patel, a resident of Pore Navnagari, seized 2850 items at a high speed.

The mastermind Hitesh Patel was arrested by the police from Varanasi. In Varanasi, the police took immediate action against Hitesh Patel. axis is

Hitesh Patel was gambling in his own house for some time. The new PC Gohil of Varanasi police station raided and kidnapped Hitesh Patel.

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