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In the video, Karishma Tanna shows every corner of her house, but why are there 2 bathrooms?


Karishma Tanna and Mumbai-based businessman Varun Bangera bought a luxury house for themselves in February. Karishma Tanna and her husband have shifted to their new house but something strange happens to both of them in this house. Both have separate bathrooms. Yes, there is no bathroom sharing bathroom in this house of Karishma and Varun. Rather they both have separate bathrooms. Now the question is, why did this wonderful couple take this decision?

This issue was raised during the construction of the building.
In fact, Karishma Tanna and Varun quickly agreed on the theme of the house as they both prefer neutral colors. But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to resume their sporting activities. Karishma Tanna has shared a video in which you can see her sharing memories of making her home and getting lost in nostalgia.

Karishma Tanna shares old memories
In this video Karishma Tanna has toured her house and shows everything from furniture to design of her house very closely. Karishma Tanna recalled that a puja had taken place before coming to this house and she had made shera for her husband. Varun is also found lost in nostalgia and says how now he always keeps his room clean.

What is the story of double bathroom?
Varun and Karishma told how they both like different bathrooms. She said, “My first idea of ​​sharing a bathroom with my partner was a bit tricky as I love my space and Varun likes his space. So luckily we both don’t share our bathroom. We have two separate bathrooms. Karisma also said that while her husband prefers to keep all the bathroom items inside the drawer, he prefers to keep it outside.

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In the video Karishma Tanna shows every corner of her



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