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In the current diarrhea, Rajbha Gadhvi talked about Khajur Bhai, know the whole matter

Today we all know that there are many great artists on the soil of Gujarat. And today every artist has his own prominent name. These artists are famous not only in the country but also abroad. This is a good thing for Gujarati. Today we have brought a special case for you.

Today, an artist sincerely praised a young man in front of the society. Rajbha Gadhvi’s name has become famous all over the world and today everyone knows him as a comedian. He has made a name for himself in the world of comedy. This one artist praised the other artist wholeheartedly.

It’s all about our palm brother. Khajur Bhai is known today by everyone for his service. He was highly praised by Rajbha Gadhvi during his Lokdaira.

Rajbha Gadhvi says that she is doing great work at a young age and she will go a long way in life. To serve everyone selflessly. And those grandchildren don’t mind.

Khajur Bhai donates around 5% of his income to the poor and has been doing charitable work for some time now. Today everyone in Gujarat is appreciating his work.

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