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In the country, the government provide these facilities to senior citizens, you also know your rights

There are many facilities available for senior citizens in the country. There are many rentals catering to senior citizens, ranging from hospitals and even metros. In such a situation, know what facilities are provided to senior citizens in the country.

In the country, the government provides these facilities to senior citizens, you also know your rights

In the country, the government provide these facilities to senior citizens, you also know your rights

People in India are often not aware of government rules and facilities. Corruption should be eradicated from the country if there is correct information about the services and facilities provided by the government. People should be aware of some of their benefit plans.

Similarly, the government gives various concessions to senior citizens. There are some services that can make life easier for the elderly, but we are not aware of them and are deprived of these facilities. So if you have grandparents, grandparents or any elderly people in your house, then definitely read this news. That’s why we will tell you about the government facilities available for senior citizens…..

who are senior citizens

Senior citizens in India are divided into two categories. Individuals in the age group of 60 to 79 years are called ‘senior citizens’. Those above 80 years of age are classified as super senior citizens.

bus fare cut

You must have seen the bus seats reserved for senior citizens in buses. Bus travel The state government also provides bus discounts to senior citizens. So the seats in the buses are already reserved for them. Their seats are also reserved in the metro.

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Higher interest on Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

Senior citizens of India get more interest on money deposited in banks. The loans are available at cheap rates, besides the government does not levy any tax on the returns of various such schemes. But did you know this before?

Facility available in government hospitals

Senior citizens are also given various discounts in banks and hospitals. For example, there is a separate line for senior citizens to register and get tested in hospitals.

old age pension scheme

National and state governments provide old age pension to the elderly. At present, the Kejriwal government of Delhi gives Rs 2000 per month to senior citizens of 60-69 years and Rs 2500 per month to senior citizens above 70 years. At the same time, the Uttar Pradesh government gives Rs 800 per month to senior citizens above 60 years of age.

medical bill discount

The government has increased the exemption limit for medical expenses on treatment of serious diseases like cancer, motor neurone disease, AIDS etc. for all senior citizens. Now all senior citizens above the age of 60 years under Section 80DDB of Income Tax Act for the above diseases will get Rs. Income tax exemption can be given on 1 lakh treatment. These people will not have to pay tax on income up to one lakh rupees out of their total income.

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