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In real life, even more beautiful and hot new summer girlfriend than Nandini, you will be left sweating after seeing the photo.


Serial Anupama star Andha Bhosle recently announced her retirement. After leaving the serial Andhan, Samar was left alone in Anupama. Meanwhile, news is coming that Samar is going to meet a new girlfriend. Soon there will be a new girl entry in Anupama. With the arrival of this girl, Samar’s life will change completely. The girl’s name is Alma Hussain who looks more beautiful and hot than Nandini in real life.

Alamani is soon going to enter this serial Anupama. This news has made Anupam’s fans happy. Although it has not been officially announced yet.

Alma Hussein is constantly being compared to the blind. It will be very difficult to carve a place for yourself in the hearts of unpredictable fans.

Fans have started comparing Alma Hussain with Anagha Bhosle

The photo of Alma Hussain is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Fans are very fond of the bold avatar of Alma Hussain.

Alma Hussain became a rage on social media as soon as her name was associated with Anupama

After seeing the photo of Alma Hussain, the fans are saying that the fate of summer is about to open. Soon Samar will also get a new girlfriend.

good luck with summer

Fans are still remembering blindly. Fans are asking the retiring visually impaired to return to the serial.

Fans still remember Anagha Bhosle

The arrival of Alma Hussain will bring a new twist in the serial. With the entry of Alma, there will be a shower of love in Samran’s life.

New twist will come in Anupama's story

Alma is looking very beautiful and smart in this photo. It would not be wrong to say that in real life, Alma pays a lot of attention to her body.

Alma Hussain looks very smart

Alma has worked in shows like Dhadkan Zindagi Ki. Alma is the famous tickler.

Alma Hussain has done in these TV shows



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