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In Gujarat, it has been raining in this area for four consecutive days.

It has been raining heavily in Amreli district for some time now. At the same time, farmers have started their sowing. Though it was still raining in many parts of Gujarat, farmers have started sowing with good hopes.

Groundnut cultivation is likely to be more in Amreli district this year. Not surprisingly, farmers will produce groundnut this year as they did not get good prices for groundnut crop last year. The cultivation of cotton and pulses by the farmers can now be seen in Amreli district.

On the day of Bhima Agiyaras, farmers have started sowing their new crop. Along with this, many areas including Amreli have received rain worth sowing. The farmers of the areas where it has not rained yet, have prepared their fields for sowing with great anticipation.

Earlier farmers used to sow their new crop on the day of Bhima Agiyaras and due to timely rains in many areas during this year, farmers of Amreli region as well as farmers of entire Gujarat have started sowing.

According to the Meteorological Department, it has been raining in Amreli for the last four days.

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