December 6, 2022
ગોંડલમાં 15વર્ષ ની બાળકીને ઘરના માણસે જ બનાવી દીધી માતા, જાણો કોણે તેની સાથે કર્યું દુષ્કર્મ

Now many shocking cases are coming to the fore in Kali Yuga. The cases of sexual abuse of Sageera are increasing day by day. The people of Gujarat including Rajkot are shocked by a very shocking case coming to the fore in Rajkot. 14-year-old Sageera has suddenly become a mother in Gondal near Rajkot.

In Gondal a 15 year old girl was made a mother by

A 15-year-old girl suddenly became pregnant in Gondal, Rajkot. The whole matter is that this girl had come from Madhya Pradesh to live in Gondal two days ago. He was recently taken to the hospital for further treatment due to abdominal pain. During the report it was found that this girl is pregnant. So everyone was very surprised.

In Gondal a 15 year old girl was made a mother by.webp

After the whole incident, a complaint was lodged with the police and many statements came out. After registering the crime by the police, further action is being taken.

Not long ago, 3 Nardam had committed atrocities with a girl in Rajkot. A young man named Prateek Pritroda, a resident of Gondal, was having fun in solitude near the road with his girlfriend. At that time, three passers-by had carried out the crime at knife point. After this the whole incident reached the police station.

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