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In a small village of Gujarat, a farmer made a separate tractor with his understanding, he will be angry after seeing the features

The people of Gujarat are very quarrelsome. And he can do any difficult task easily. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to the sharp increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. But in a small village in Gujarat, a farmer cleverly made a very different tractor that cost much less than diesel.

This farmer Maheshbhai from Pipar village in Kalavad taluka, who is 6 years old, who has studied B.Com and has made a very powerful tractor today, after his seven months of hard work, he is seeing good results today. They believe that if a farmer brings a tractor with battery, he can cultivate it at a lower cost. Also Mahesh Bhai says that the cost will be reduced by five times.

Talking to Maheshbhai, he said that if electric tractors are used, then farmers can be very successful and can do good farming at low cost. Also, the cost of making this tractor can be up to Rs.

Maheshbhai initially used diesel tractor in agriculture but you could not get much profit in diesel tractors. He then thought that he should make an electric tractor and spent about seven to eight months in this tractor. Then Maheshbhai used a lithium battery. The tractor was built. Mahesh Bhai says that once the battery is charged, the tractor can run for 10 hours and has some digital displays as well.

Also, along with modern features in this tractor, the temperature inside the tractor can also be seen and at the same time this tractor can be connected to the mobile. So that farmers can show more interest towards farming. This battery has a guarantee of 7000 hours from the company. During this, if there is any problem with the battery, then you will be given another battery immediately.

mahesh bhai says diesel tractor also includes other cost but this tractor does not cost anything except battery and it has three forward house and one reverse gear as well as four house tractor with lifting capacity of this tractor it happens. 200 kg. Also, the capacity of this tractor can be pulled up to 200 meters.

Maheshbhai said that it takes only four hours to charge the tractor’s battery and the tractor can work for 10 hours and this tractor also uses a government approved lithium battery.

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