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In a fight between brothers, sister-in-law fell and killed the private part of brother-in-law

A very shocking case has come to light in Madhya Pradesh today. Dhruv is killed by his brothers and sisters. He was beaten up during a fight over some issue. Then the wives of the brothers twisted the private part and killed it. The entire incident was immediately reported to the police and the body was taken to the forensic lab for postmortem.

According to the information received, Rakesh Kumar, the brother of the deceased, was beheaded on June 10. Everyone in the house was cleaning the house. At the same time a stick kept on the floor suddenly fell on the papaya and damaged the papaya plant. Seeing this his brother and sister-in-law became very angry and started talking.

Dhruvakumar started opposing it so much that he was beaten up by his brothers and their wives. The dispute escalated so much that his brother’s wives twisted the private part and killed him. He was then taken to the hospital for further treatment but was declared brought dead on the spot.

Dhruv Kumar’s wife has filed a case against everyone. Police reached the spot and started interrogation and all the people involved in the incident have been arrested and sent to jail. It is being discussed on social media and everyone is very angry with it.

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