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“I’m with Sandeep, don’t worry…”


The metropolis of Gujarat is now becoming dangerous for the girls. In the past few months, there has been an increase in the number of murders and assaults on young women in various cities of the state. The increase has happened recently in Vadodara. After the murder of a girl named Trisha Solanki in Vadodara a few days ago, now the body of a girl named Meera Solanki has been found.

The body of a girl named Meera Solanki has been found in Tilakwada. According to the information received, a 20-year-old woman lived near Manjalpur Durbar Chowkdi in Vadodara. His body was found in a field near Tilakwada police station in Narmada district. Seeing the body, it became clear that the girl had been murdered.

The body of a girl from Vadodara has been found in Narmada district. Police investigation revealed that Meera Solanki had sent her last message to her sister that she was with Sandeep and don’t worry. He wrote in the message that he would return home by Sunday evening. This was Meera Solanki’s last message. He did not return home but his body was found in a field.

Mira Solanki had recently appeared in the class 12 exam. The girl’s body was sent to Vadodara Sayaji Hospital for postmortem. It is being told that the murder was done due to love affair. It is learned that Solanki, a resident of Manjalpur area of ​​Vadodara, had left the house two days ago. His father Nileshbhai Solanki did not return home till late night and lodged a complaint at Manjalpur police station. Meanwhile, the Tilakwara police investigated the body of a young woman found in a field within the limits of Tilakwara police station in Narmada district to identify the body.

The pictures of the dead body of the girl found in the field were going viral on social media. The pictures were also shared by Meera’s family and former Congress councilor from Manjalpur area, Chirag Zaveri. Tilakwala fled after seeing the pictures of the dead body as he got information that a daughter of his locality was missing. The postmortem was done after the body was identified as that of Solanki.

However, due to lack of facilities at Tilakwada Government Hospital, Meera Solanki’s body was sent to Vadodara Sayaji Hospital for postmortem. Tilakwada Police has started investigation by registering a case against unknown killers.

The police did a preliminary examination of the body and found that Meera had strangled someone to death and her body was also bandaged. Although the postmortem report of Meera has not come yet, but only after the postmortem report comes, the exact reasons behind her murder will be known.

It is worth noting that a few days ago, a girl named Trisha from Vadodara was murdered by a madman in a dastardly pro-love murder. The murder of another girl child in Manjalpur area has stirred the whole city. While the murder of Trisha Solanki is still fresh, rumors are spreading that another young woman has fallen victim to a love affair.

Chirag Zaveri, former Congress councilor from Manjalpur area, said in the matter that Meeran Solanki was the daughter of one of his family. But when the daughter did not return home till late, her family members also lodged a missing complaint at Manjalpur police station.

He further said that Meera Solanki’s murder also appears to have happened in a love affair. Because he had messaged his cousin on WhatsApp saying that he was with a young man named Sangeet and would be back home by Sunday. It is learned that a young man named Sandeep Makwana lives on Padra Road. The police are currently waiting for Meera’s postmortem report while people are demanding that her killer be caught and given severe punishment. Tilakwada Police has started investigation into who killed Meera Solanki of Vadodara and why.

However, the police could not find Meera’s phone at the scene, so the police is also investigating the phone. According to the last message sent by Meera Solanki, she was with Sandeep Makwana. In such a situation, it is being speculated that Meera Solanki had gone with Sandeep, so the first suspicion of the police is on Sandeep Makwana. Tilakwada Police has started questioning four family members including Sandeep’s parents.



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