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If your girlfriend blocks you on WhatsApp then follow this trick

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WhatsApp is used a lot. You text someone on WhatsApp but can’t reach them. If the call is not working, then you can understand that it has blocked you (WhatsApp Block). It is only through WhatsApp that you will know whether you have been blocked or not. You can easily find four ways. WhatsApp has set some indicators to check if someone has blocked you on the messaging app.

One of the easiest ways to check is to view their last seen or online status in the chat window. After blocking, the person’s last seen, online status and picture stop showing. However, the last seen user has the option to hide online status and photos. Then you can follow the second step also.

It is often seen that a blue tick appears after messaging. It means the person has read the message. If the double tick is also visible, then understand that the message has reached but the user has not read it. But if only one tick comes, then understand that that person has blocked you.

Apart from messaging, most voice and video calls are made on WhatsApp itself. If the ring rings after the call, it means that the call has reached the person. But if that person has blocked you, the call will often fail. But sometimes the call is not received due to network problem. So you can learn from the fourth step as well.

By creating a group, you can easily find out whether the person in front has blocked you. You have to create a group on WhatsApp. You need to add the person to this group who you think may have blocked you.

After adding, if the message ‘This contact could not be added to the group’ appears, you know it has blocked you.

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