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If you want to have tremendous sex then follow these special 7 steps


If you want to have tremendous sex then follow these special 7 steps

The sex experience is great. Everyone wants his sex experience to be great. It is so good that both partners are happy after sex and people are happy before sex. However, there is always a difference between good sex and bad sex. When you feel that you have already had the best sex with your partner. But your partner may not like that sex experience. Now it is not necessary that if you are happy after having sex then your partner will also be happy.

But if you want to have better sex then you have to do a lot for it. You need to think not only about yourself but also about your partner. Many times we think that we have mastered the art of intimacy, but to be honest, this is just the beginning of your enjoyable adventures. To give yourself a satisfying and pleasurable experience, here are 7 steps to good sex, which you can follow to have better sex.6 Tips For Great Honeymoon Sex - Every World Singapore

If your partner also wants to have sex with you
Sexual consent is very important before starting any kind of sexual activity. If your partner is not in the mood to have sex and you force him, it will only be painful and bad sex. So make sure your partner wants to have sex too. That is, if they are in the mood then you should move on.

So choose a comfortable place
Spot If both of you are in the mood to have sex, the next step should be to make sure that you are choosing a safe and comfortable place to have sex. Your partner will love having sex on a comfortable bed. You should talk to your partner and ask them where they feel more comfortable in sex.

Love-bite If you think that for good sex you should have direct sex, then let us tell you that you are thinking quite wrong. Foreplay is very important. When it comes to better sex, foreplay is key. Kiss your partner and touch him in such a way that he gets excited.

5 Points For Fabulous Honeymoon Sex - Her World Singapore

When the time is right, take the initiative
Anas Now that you are at the peak of your desires, you should not stop but take the initiative. If you take initiative then women will also start slowly.

love process
Kissing Once you start the process of making love, make it fun and exciting by engaging in multiple sex positions. This will not only make it more exciting but will also bring you closer to your climax.

wait for the climax
Climax Many people do not wait for the climax. But during sex you have to remember that you have to wait for the climax. Wait for your climax to enhance your sex experience until both of you are ready for a great experience.

Once you both reach the climax of bliss, you should release yourself from the tension and allow your body to experience the most exciting experience of the process i.e. orgasm. Once you both reach your orgasm, stay in that position for a while and enjoy the moment.



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