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If you have also received mail from ‘Facebook’ then beware! heavy losses may occur

As the use of the Internet increased, so did the cases of online scams. A recently released report has revealed that Gmail and Hotmail users are getting a dangerous mail, which can be very harmful for them. Scammers are sending this mail, but it seems to have come from ‘Facebook’. This fake email is being sent with the intention of stealing the important details of the users and this plan is being run cleverly.

Fake mail coming in the name of Facebook: reports that cyber security experts at Trustwave say that users of Hotmail, Gmail Outlook etc. are getting fake mails saying that their Facebook account should be deleted will be done. There is also a link in the mail and it is written in the mail that by clicking on the given link, the Facebook account can be protected.

What is written in the fake mail: The mail that the scammers are sending to the people is coming in the name of ‘Facebook Support Team’. The mail said, ‘Your page will be removed because our community standards have been violated. In the next 48 hours, if we don’t get a response from you, your Page will be automatically deleted. Click on the link below to ‘appeal’ against this decision.

Facebook details being stolen: As soon as the user clicks on the ‘appeal’ button in the mail, he is taken to the Facebook page, where the user is asked for name, email address, mobile number while chatting with the ‘official’. And sometimes asked for two-factor authentication code. In this way hackers snatch all personal information from you in the name of Facebook.

Consequences of the scam: By having your personal information stripped, you will not only lose access to your own Facebook account, but hackers will also take advantage of it by reusing your passwords. With your home address and phone number, hackers can easily access your bank account which will be more harmful.

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