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If you even accidentally search these 5 things on Google, then you will be in jail, maybe jail!

Google is a popular search engine and is used by millions of people across the world. When we want information about something on the Internet, then we search on Google. Most of the people rely on Google search to answer their questions.

However, sometimes finding certain things on Google can be a problem. There are some things that can land you in jail when you search on Google. Learn about the things you shouldn’t forget to search on Google for.

How to make bombs: The process of making bombs should never be searched on Google. It is a crime to do so. If you search on Google how to make a bomb, security agencies can track you down by tracking the IP address of your phone, computer, or laptop. You may even have to go to jail for this.

Child pornography: Let us tell you that the government has made strict rules regarding child pornography. In such a situation, if a person searches something like this on Google, then he can be prosecuted under the POSCO Act and can also go to jail. It falls under the category of crime.

Information about abortion If you search on Google that how abortion is done by mistake, then it is a crime and if you are involved in such work then you may have to go to jail. Let us tell you that there are strict provisions in the law regarding abortion in India. In that case, it would be best to search Google for any content related to abortion.

Pirated Film: Film Piracy is one of the biggest crimes today. It is a crime to post a movie on the internet or leak a pirated version of a movie on the net before its release. Apart from this, downloading pirated movies online is also considered illegal. For which the government has made a provision of punishment in the law.

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