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If you also want to increase the battery life of your iPhone then do this trick

People often complain about the battery of the iPhone. Battery life is one of the first drawbacks of the iPhone. However, Apple hasn’t officially announced the battery capacity of the iPhone and has now stopped charging the phone, although Apple claims better battery life with each new iPhone. In today’s report, we will tell you some tips to improve the battery life of iPhone.

turn off background app refresh
First of all, go to the phone’s settings and turn off Background App Refresh, because it consumes the most battery in the iPhone. If you go to the battery setting and turn on Low Power Mode, Background App Refresh will automatically turn off.

turn off fancy effects
Your iPhone battery life will definitely be better after turning off fancy effects. To do this, go to the iPhone Accessibility Settings, click on Motion, and tap Reduce Motion.

close analysis
You can also improve the battery life of the phone by turning off iPhone Analytics. You also get the benefit of turning it off in privacy. Apple also gets your data through analytics. You can turn off Privacy and then Analytics by going to Settings. Apart from this, you can also save battery by turning off system service.

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