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If these events happen in life, then understand that good days are coming, know 12 auspicious signs of good luck

Some auspicious events in our life happen almost before the arrival of good days. If you also see such a sudden change in your life in the morning or in your life, then understand that the door of good fortune is just about to open.

1 White Cow: If the cow mother comes in the courtyard of the house and shouts loudly, then surely the happiness of the house increases. Grazing a cow in the field or in the garden is an indicator of attainment of Lakshmi.

, Hear the melodious sound: It is a great relief to hear the sound of bells, conch shells or bhajan kirtan from the temple in the morning. , Appearance of a new couple: If you see a new bride with sixteen ornaments on the way, consider it a good sign.

, Shriphal: Whenever you wake up in the morning and see Shriphal, then understand that some good news is about to come. , Getting the bird out of you: Assuming a bird pops out of you, only the lucky ones are lucky.

, Seeing snake, dog or monkey while travelling: When you see snake, dog or monkey on the left side while travelling, understand that they are indicating money to come to you.

7. See the sun during rain: Seeing the sun shining in the sky amid rain is a sign of getting rich soon. , Greenery: It is auspicious to see the beautiful nature from the window. Also, if there is a lake nearby, what to say about the icing on the cake.

, Koel or son chiraya no kalbalat: If a cuckoo or son chiraya chirps on the roof or dirt of the house, then there is certain economic development. 10 Curd or milk: The first sight of curd or milk as soon as you wake up in the morning is also a sign of good luck.

1 1 Golden Snake: If a white or golden colored snake is seen in the dream while sleeping at night, then it is also a sign of good luck. 13. Tortoise: Turtle is a symbol of good luck.

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