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If there is lightning in the sky, do not pay special attention to such things.

Humans/animals die during the rainy season due to lightning and tension in the flow of water. So what can we do to avoid lightning, human-animal life can be saved.

Measures to prevent lightning like stay away from electrical appliances when we are indoors, don’t use wired phones, stay away from doors and ceilings, stay away from electricity, metal pipes, no. Avoid contact with fountains, washbasins etc. If you are out of the house during lightning, tall trees attract lightning to avoid taking refuge in it. While traveling, stay in vehicle, stay in vehicle with strong roof.

Also do not use metal objects outside, stay away from metal objects like bikes, electric or telephone poles, wire fencing, machinery etc. Water attracts electricity, so stay away from bridges, lakes and reservoirs, If you’re in the water, get out. The hairs of our head are raised, when the skin tingles, we should immediately bow down and cover our ears, as we should avoid sleeping on the ground or touching the ground, thinking that lightning is falling all around us. Is.

If a person is struck by lightning, they should be given artificial respiration (CPR) and immediate first aid. Lightning safety guideline is the rule of 50-60, start counting to 50 as soon as we see lightning, if we hear thunder before reaching 30 we should keep going inside the house, at least 30 minutes after the last lock of thunder activities should be suspended. Always keep the earthing in working condition to avoid damage to electrical equipment.

Thus, if we are so alert during the monsoon season, we will be able to protect our lives and the lives of animals.

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