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If the smartphone has run out of water, then this trick will drain the water in 1 minute.

It is difficult to predict when it will rain if you are going out during the monsoon season. In fact, it can rain at any time during the monsoon season and in such a situation, if you are not careful, you will not even know when the water will enter the sensitive parts of your smartphone. If something has happened to you in which your smartphone has been submerged in water due to exposure to rain, then today we are going to tell you how you can get rain water out of your smartphone in minutes without even knowing it. Any repair shop.

If a little water has gone into the smartphone, then you can leave it in the air conditioner room for some time, in fact what happens is that the air conditioner draws moisture from the room and the water that has gone into the smartphone comes out. few minutes. comes out.

Maybe some of you are aware of the use of rice. You have to keep your smartphone in a jar full of rice for about a day when the smartphone runs out of water and then use it. This trick removes water from the smartphone.

If water is flowing inside your smartphone then you have to download blower app from play store, actually by using this app there is loud sound from smartphone and water comes out automatically in speaker. Most of the people are not aware of this method. If you do not know much about this method then you can use this trick in case of water coming in the smartphone and save your smartphone from water damage so that you do not get spoiled for a long time.

You can protect the smartphone from water by using the zip lock cover.

It can also be kept waterproof through special lamination in the smartphone.

Glass covers are also very much in trend these days, which protect the smartphone from rain water.

The silicone cover is effective in protecting the sensitive parts of the smartphone from water and is also very economical.

Nowadays waterproof bags are also available in the market which protect the smartphone from water during outings.

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