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If any message comes from such number on your WhatsApp, then don’t reply by mistake, you will be sad.

Social media and chatting apps have become an integral part of our lives. Although there are many apps and platforms available to stay connected and talk to each other, but generally everyone uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp has made our life easy, it has also made it dangerous. The scandal which was seen on WhatsApp some time ago has come to the fore once again. Let us know about it and also know how you can avoid this scam and other such scams.

Never reply to messages from this number on WhatsApp!
For your information, let us tell you that a scam is going on on WhatsApp, in which attractive messages are being sent to the users. On WhatsApp +92 306 0373744, a message is being sent to the users from this number that they have won the lottery. A voice note is also being sent with this message. Scammers are also using the pictures of Amitabh Bachchan and the name of Kaun Banega Crorepati i.e. KBC to make these messages look real.

The message reads as follows.
If you are wondering what is written in the lottery message, then let us tell you that the message sent from this number says that you have won the lottery of Rs 25 lakh and you will get this money in your account immediately. can transfer. Not only this, the number ‘07666533352’ has been given in the message on which you have to call. The message is accompanied by an audio note explaining how you can transfer lottery money to your bank account.

Let me tell you that this is a dangerous scam. It can be very bad for you to reply to these messages because through these scammers will steal your account details and you can lose all your money.

How to spot these scams
This question may come in your mind that how can you identify such scams. Here we are going to tell you about three important things so that you can easily identify the scam. First of all, if you get any message from an unknown number, then do not reply without hesitation. Checking the number is very important.

Also, if you get a message that you have won or will receive money, then understand that this is a trap created by scammers. You can also guess from the language of the message whether the message is true or fake.

ways to avoid scams
If you have received a message from an unknown number or you think that this message has been sent to trick you, then first block that number. If you receive a message from a non-Indian number, pay special attention to it and don’t reply. Do not click on any unknown link and do not share the OTP received on your phone with anyone. Also, if you get such messages, do not forward them to anyone else.

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