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Husband and wife caught doing obscene act in public even at holy place

Husband and wife kiss each other while bathing in Rama’s Podi in Ayodhya. The local people opposed this and warned not to do so. The matter escalated and the local people surrounded the husband and caught him and dragged him from the water and beat the cattle.

The entire event held on Tuesdays and Tuesdays was practiced as Yoga Day. The entire incident happened just two hours after Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav attended the function on Tuesday. After this the video went viral on social media. It is seen in the video that the local people beat him up badly.

The youth was 20 years old and was beaten up by three men for 20 minutes. His wife was very scared and started crying and begging to be released from her husband at the time of beating, causing multiple injuries on her body. The above went viral.

Local people say that it is a holy place. Obscene acts should not be done here and he came with family so people opposed him and should not be rude. The matter has not been reported to the police yet.

The saints of the temple say that such acts should not be done in public. Dharma and dignity should be followed at the place of pilgrimage. Along with this, the limit of the place of pilgrimage should also be strictly followed.

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