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Huawei’s New Smartwatch Has a Pair of True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Hidden Inside


We told you about a patent that Huawei submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the summer of 2018 for a timepiece that contains a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Now, some four and a half years later, the troubled Chinese maker is teasing such a device.

Huawei posted a video on the Chinese social media site Weibo with the date yesterday included at the end, likely to advertise the device’s unveiling. However, no notification was made.

The timepiece is referred to in the video as the Huawei Watch Buds. The earbuds are hidden and stored beneath the watch’s dial. The device itself appears to be the same size as Huawei’s Watch GT range and operates on Huawei’s own HarmonyOS.

Deng Li, a self-proclaimed Huawei lover, tweeted a screenshot of the video that Huawei shared on Weibo. We’d guess that the earbuds charge while hidden inside the watch, therefore the battery powering the device must be larger than a regular smartwatch battery.

With the cancellation of the Winter 2022 event on December 2nd, it is unclear when the Huawei Watch Buds will be publicly launched. The earbuds contained inside the watch have been described as “basic and simple,” but that shouldn’t matter.

The concept is to have a pair of earbuds tucked away in your watch, ready to use at any time. And, sure, they will arrive fully charged and ready to use. Users will have one less case to carry around with them, and they will be less likely to misplace one or both earphones because they will be on the user’s wrist.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, was recently seen wearing the watch. You may know him by his American name, Richard Yu. Using Google Translate to read his Weibo post, Yu said that the device was “a revolutionary breakthrough in Huawei’s design of the shape and structure of wearable products.”

This isn’t the first time Huawei has made a wristwatch that can do two things. In 2014, the Talk Band B1 was a fitness tracker that could also be used as a Bluetooth headset. When the screen was taken off the band, it could also be used as the piece that went in the user’s ear.

Even though the U.S. has put restrictions on the company, it keeps coming up with new ideas. As we’ve already said, the Huawei Mate 50 series was met with high demand and long lines in China earlier this year.

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