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Hrithik Roshan Goes Out With Arslan Goni, the Boyfriend of His Ex-wife Sussanne Khan, and Calls Him “Yaara”!!

On January 10, Hrithik Roshan had his birthday party. He turned 49 years old. Arslan Goni, who is dating Sussanne Khan, Hrithik's ex-wife, wished the actor well and posted a photo of them on Instagram.

On January 10, Hrithik Roshan turned 49. A lot of famous people went on social media to wish Hrithik a happy birthday. One of them was the actor Arslan Goni, who is seeing Hrithik’s ex-wife, the interior designer Sussanne Khan. Arslan posted a selfie of himself and Hrithik at a party with the caption “Happy happy birthday, Hrithik Roshan.” Re-sharing his birthday post, Hrithik wrote, “Thanks yaara (friend).”

In the picture, Hrithik was wearing a brown T-shirt and making a funny face as he posed with Arslan, who pouted for the camera. A white T-shirt was on him. In the picture, Hrithik Roshan had his arm around Arslan.

Earlier, on Hrithik’s birthday, Sussanne Khan posted a video. Sussanne posted a video clip of Hrithik with his family, including his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan, as well as his parents Rakesh and Pinkie Roshan, and wrote, “Happiest happy birthday, Rye (Hrithik)… You are about to enter the best and strongest part of your life!! God bless you to the limit.

From here, things can only get better…” In the video, you could also see Arslan Goni, Sussanne’s boyfriend, and Saba Azad, an actor and singer who is Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend. Arslan also wrote a comment on the post: “Happy happy birthday… Hrithik Roshan, I hope you have a great year.”

Saba, who is dating Hrithik, also posted a bunch of photos of the two of them making silly faces on his birthday. She wrote “It’s Ro day!!” in the caption. What’s up, Ro (Hrithik Roshan)? As you move through this thing we call life, always wide-eyed and curious, with a strong heart and a mind as sharp as a tack, always a student of life, annoyingly determined to do and be better every day, kind and gracious even when the rest of the world doesn’t reciprocate, one thing comes to mind: “exception to the rule.”


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Saba also wrote, “You defy all stereotypes and confuse all assumptions. People rarely surprise me, but you do it every day in so many ways. Ro, the world is very strange, but just by being, you make it better. So be, forever and ever, you strangest fruit, favorite fool, human bean, and talented beast. Happy trip around the sun to you, and thank you for being born.” Sussanne Khan replied to Saba’s post by saying, “Super cute wishes. Happy day to you too.”

Early in 2022, Hrithik and Saba went out to dinner together in Mumbai. Since then, Saba has been seen with Hrithik at different events and family gatherings. In May, the two were seen walking in hand in hand at a party for director Karan Johar’s 50th birthday. Hrithik was married to Sussanne Khan in the past. After getting divorced in 2014, they share custody of their sons.

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