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how to hide whatsapp status from contacts,


WhatsApp Status is a feature used by everyone in India. This feature gives us many options. One of them is an option called Status Privacy which allows you to hide your status from certain people on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world, as it offers various features to its users. For this reason it is one of the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. This messaging app has everything from voice calls to live location tracking. Necessary facilities will be available. WhatsApp is an app that is probably used by everyone else in India. The popular feature of WhatsApp also comes with Status which once uploaded only stays live for 24 hours. People post short videos as well as photos on status. The company says that like messages and calls, status is also end-to-end encrypted.

Sometimes it happens that we don’t want some people to see our status or we just want to share our status with some people. In such a situation, we can use the status privacy feature of WhatsApp. It allows us to control who can see our situation and who cannot.

how to hide whatsapp status

1) First of all open WhatsApp on your smartphone and tap on “Status” tab.
2) Now, tap on the three-dot button located at the top right corner of the screen.
3) Here you will find an option named “Status Privacy”, tap on it.
4) Now you will get three options, which include My Contacts, Accept My Contacts and Only Share With.
5) After this choose one of these options and tap on Done.

These three options do different things. If you choose My Contacts, everyone saved in your Contacts list will be able to see your status. On the other hand, if you select Accept my contacts, people other than the one you selected will be able to see your status. In the third option i.e. Just Share, you can share your status with selected people.



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