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How Did the Former NBA Star Brian Williams Die? Causes of Death Revealed!


Authorities say that Bison Dele was a basketball player who used to go by the name Brian Williams for most of his life. After being picked 10th overall by the Orlando Magic in 1991, he played in the NBA for eight good years.

Dele stopped playing in 1999 when he was only 30 years old because he didn’t want to. He also thought he had made enough money for life, even though the $45 million deal he signed with the Detroit Pistons in 1997 had five more years to go.

The big man who was 6 feet 11 inches tall spent his retirement going all over the world. He even bought a boat called the Hakuna Matata, which is a sailboat. He went across the Pacific Ocean and arrived in July 2002 in Tahiti. He was with Serena Karlan, the boat captain Bertrand Saldo, and Mason Dabord, his brother.

Bison Dele Cause of death

The last time Bison Dele and Serena Karlan’s family heard from them was on July 8, 2002. They thought it was strange because the couple kept in touch with family and banks to let them know where they were and how much money they had.

Miles Dabord was going back to Tahiti on July 20, but he was going back by himself. He wasn’t with his brother or the other two people who were on the Hakuna Matata with him. Two months after the three went missing, Phoenix police arrested Dabord for making his brother’s signature look like it was his own.

Bison Dele Cause of death

During the investigation into why his brother went missing at sea, Dabord told the truth. He said that he shot Dele out of fear that his brother would kill him. He said that he and Dele had a fight, and Karlan was trying to make things better.

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But Dabord killed himself on September 27, 2002, so the cops couldn’t find out if what he said was true. Before he went to sleep, he took a lot of insulin pills. We think that Dabord killed his brother for his money and two other people because they saw him do it.

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