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How did menstruation start in women? know the facts

In India, if girls have their periods, they are not allowed to enter the kitchen, not allowed to enter the temple and in some houses they are not even allowed to sleep in the bed, they are considered impure. Just a few months back, there was a lot of controversy regarding the ban on entry of women in some temples. The temple chief said that women should be barred from entering the temple.

The temple chief said that women would be allowed to enter the temple only after checking with the monthly checking machine. Women have always been criminals from the religious point of view. Menstruation in women is also mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Why do women have menstruation according to the Bhagavata Purana? There is a myth about this.

In Hinduism, a woman having periods means that she has committed the sin of Brahmahatya. According to the Puranas, once the Guru of the gods, ‘Jupiter’, became very angry due to the growing arrogance of Devraj Indra. Brihaspati left Indraloka and Indra became weak. Meanwhile, the demons attacked Devlok and Indra had to leave Indraloka. Then Indra went to Brahmaji and asked him for help.

Then Brahma said, Indradev, you serve a theologian, then your pain will go away. Then Indra started serving a theologian. But they were unaware that the theologian’s mother was an Asura. The mother had a special attachment to the Asuras. In this, all the incense offered by Indra, which was offered to the deities, was offered to the asuras of the theologian.

This interrupted the service of Indra. When Indra came to know about this, he was very angry. He killed that theologian. Before the murder, Indra considered the theologian to be the guru and killing the guru is a deadly sin. Due to this he was also found guilty of coronation. This sin followed him in the form of a terrible demon. Somehow Indra hid himself in a flower and continued to do penance for Lord Vishnu for many years.

Lord Vishnu was pleased and saved Indra from the crime of killing Brahma. He suggested them to get rid of this sin. As suggested, Indra persuaded the tree, water, land and a small part of his sin to the woman. Hearing Indra, they got ready and Indra asked them to bless them one at a time. The tree first took the fourth part of the sin of Brahmahatya, in return for which Indra blessed the tree to survive on its own.

After this the water took the sin of one fourth and Indra blessed the water that it would have the power to purify other things. One-fourth of the sin of Brahmahatya was borne by Prithvi and in return, Indra blessed Prithvi that he would not be affected by any strike on earth and would be cured. Eventually the women were left behind. The woman took the sin of Indra’s coronation and in return Indra blessed the woman that women would menstruate every month.

But women will be able to enjoy work many times more than men. According to mythology, women have been committing the sin of Brahmahatya, that is, killing their guru, for centuries. Hence they are not allowed to visit their gurus in temples. It is believed that since then menstruation has started in women. However, in the modern era, the believers of scientific opinion do not take these matters seriously.

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