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Hit 2 Ott Release Date: When Will Adivi Sesh’s Telugu Film Be Released on Amazon Prime?

The article includes information about the upcoming release of Hit 2, its earnings at the box office, and the platforms it will be available on. The digital release of HIT 2, also known as HIT: The Second Case, is imminent. In this Telugu movie, Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary play the lead roles. If you want to know more, keep reading the article.

All About HIT 2

Sailesh Kolanu writes and runs the HIT franchise. He also directed the Hindi version of the first movie, which starred Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra. It came out earlier this year. People liked the first HIT movie because it had an interesting plot, Vishwak Sen played the lead role of a cop, and the movie gave off an air of mystery and excitement.

Adivi Sesh plays the cop Krishna Dev, also known as KD, in HIT: The Second Case. His life is turned upside down when he learns that a woman was killed and her body was cut up as a sort of ritual. KD must use his sharp mind and skills as a detective to figure out what happened.

HIT 2 OTT Release Date

The official release date for Hit 2 OTT has not been given out yet. But the people who made the crime thriller HIT: The Second Case will soon confirm when it will be available digitally. The movie was shown in theatres all over the country on December 2, 2022. It was in the Telugu language.

Both the audience and the critics have said good things about the movie. Indian director Sailesh Kolanu wrote the script and is in charge of making the movie. After a movie comes out in theatres, it can take up to three to four weeks for it to show up online for the first time.

Even though there hasn’t been any confirmation about the OTT platform for the movie HIT: The Second Case. HIT: The First Case, the first movie in the HIT series, is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

So, we can guess that the second movie in the series will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. People must have an Amazon Prime account in order to watch the movie. You can watch the first part of the movie on Amazon Prime Video if you haven’t seen it yet.

HIT 2 at the Box Office

Since the Telugu-language movie HIT: The Second Case came out in theatres, the money it makes at the box office keeps going up. The movie has had one of the best opening weekends and has been doing very well in theatres. On its first day, the movie earned INR 6.4 crore at the box office. It made more than INR 5.35 crore on the second day and more than INR 5.1 crore on the third day.

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HIT: On its fourth day, The Second Case made around INR 1.64 crore. So far, the movie has made more than INR 18.49 crore at the box office in India. The movie has made more than INR 8.35 crore abroad.

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