December 6, 2022
પોતાની જાત સાથે લગ્ન કરનાર ક્ષમા બિંદુથી તેના પિતા છે નાખુશ, જાણો તેમના પિતાએ શું કહ્યું

A girl has committed suicide in Vadodara city of Gujarat. The girl’s name is Bindu Sharma and she told the media that all the family members are very happy with the marriage. But when media reporter Bindu Sharma called his father and asked for information, his father said, “Whatever you want to talk to Bindu, do.” I don’t have an answer for that.”

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Their marriage has been the talk of the town for some time now. The girl from Vadodara has married herself. They had arranged their marriage on June 11 but due to lack of publicity in the society, recently they got married in the presence of friends chanting mantras through bluetooth speaker.

According to Hindu customs before marriage, Ganesh and Lakshmi were also worshiped in many rituals. Then the girl went back with her and put me and myself in the mangalsutra. Talking to Bindu, he said that he has spent ten thousand rupees on this marriage.

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The girl said that she had given an advance payment to Pandit for the marriage but Pandit refused to come due to the spread of case virus across Gujarat so that the marriage could take place in a peaceful manner. It was alleged by many that Hindu culture was being tarnished due to which Bindu changed her mind and did so before the date of marriage.

After seeing a website, Bindu Sharma took a firm decision to marry Atma. Bindu Sharma says that after marriage, women start doing household chores. So the thing is, if a man marries a young man in the future, he will not divorce himself.

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