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Here’s how to make delicious velvet kofta recipe at home

Velvet kofta recipe

Here’s how to make delicious velvet kofta recipe at home. if you are planning a special lunch for yourself on the festival, then include this delicious recipe of Makhamli Kofta Curry in the menu. This recipe is delicious to eat but also easy to make. So without delay let’s know

how to make this delicious velvety kofta recipe


Ingredients for making Velvet Kofta Recipe

-100 grams – lost
– 6 tablespoons – all purpose flour
-1/8 tsp- sweet soda
-60 grams – ghee
– 1 teaspoon – cumin seeds
– 1 teaspoon – finely chopped ginger
– 2 spoons – poppy seeds
– 1/4 cup – coconut powder
– 1 teaspoon – Coriander leaves
– 2 tsp salt (as per taste)
– 1 teaspoon – garam masala
-1/4 teaspoon – black pepper
Dissolve 2 tsp – cornflour in 1/2 cup milk
– 2 tbsp – chopped coriander leaves


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How to make Velvet Kofta Recipe

To make velvety kofta, first knead the khoya well and knead it like dough. Now make small balls of this dough in the shape of koftas.

Now heat ghee in a pan and fry small balls of dough in it on low flame until light brown.

Now take all these balls in a container.

Now to make kofta gravy, make a paste by soaking poppy seeds and coconut in water for one hour.

Now heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and add cumin seeds. When the cumin starts to splutter, add the ginger and fry until light brown.

Now fry with poppy seed and coconut paste, coriander, salt, garam masala and black pepper. Add 3 cups of water and boil for about 5 minutes.

Now boil the cornflour solution for a while and then add the koftas. Boil again for 2-3 minutes and garnish with cream and green coriander leaves.

Your delicious velvet kofta is ready. Serve hot with roti or paratha.

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