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Heart attack and brain stroke can be prevented, know the remedies

How to prevent stroke and heart attack

How to prevent stroke and heart attack. The number of heart patients has increased significantly in the last few years. Even now there are reports of young people dying from heart attacks and brain strokes. Singer KK and TV actor Deepesh Bhan are involved in the latest case.

How to prevent stroke and heart attack

Doctors believe that both of these fatal conditions are largely preventable. You just need to make some changes in your lifestyle. Eating healthy and being active are two factors that are often cited for staying healthy.

Things to prevent stroke and heart attack – How to prevent stroke while sleeping

A study found that a good night’s sleep can prevent 70 percent of heart attacks and strokes. A study of 50-year-olds showed that the heart and mind are important parts of our body. For them to continue working properly, blood and oxygen must reach them properly.

A study followed 7,203 healthy people up to the age of 50 for a decade, a Times Now report said. They were given a score from zero to 5 based on how long and how well they slept. Most people scored 3 to 4 while only 10 percent scored top results. Lack of sleep causes these problems Through this research, experts have determined why good sleep is important for a healthy life. Experts say good sleep relaxes your body, relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

When we don’t sleep properly, the stress-regulating part of the brain increases the hormone cortisol. It increases inflammation and blood pressure.

This increases the risk of long-term disease. Better Sleep Tips Avoid napping during the day. Do not strain while sleeping. Go for a walk after dinner. Go to bed at the same time every day. Eat two hours before sleep. Stay away from mobile before sleeping.

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