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Hardik Patel’s poster blackened with black ink, in anger Dhanji Patidar made the video

Hardik Patel is getting very angry after joining BJP. In this sequence, recently a poster welcoming Hardik Patel has been put in black ink in Unawa of Mehsana district. From this it can be said that Hardik Patel is not getting the support of Patidar youth and people are showing aggression against him.

Recently, when Hardik Patel had joined the BJP a few days ago, there was a lot of resentment among the Patidar youth. There is a lot of anger among the youth of North Gujarat regarding this. Hardik Patel said in his speech that some anti-social elements have damaged public property, due to which there is resentment among the people.

The youth of North Gujarat are getting angry from Mehsana district. This order has recently been opposed by putting black ink on the welcome poster of Hardik in Unawa in Mehsana district. Dhanji Patidar darkened Hardik’s face with black ink and spray on the poster. He has also shared a video of it.

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