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Hardik Patel wrote a letter to businessman to give first priority to retired firefighters, but people scolded Hardik on Facebook

Hardik Patel has resigned from Congress and joined BJP and is currently writing a letter on Agneepath project. Hardik Patel has written in the letter that those who will join Agneepath and serve the country and when they retire, they will be given many benefits from the government and Patidar traders will be given first priority in their own organization, I will help.

When Hardik Patel posted this on Facebook, many people retaliated and trolled Hardik Patel by expressing his views. Also some people said that how can Hardik Patel trust you now?

In a letter to Hardik Patel, he said that all Gujaratis and Patels residing in Gujarat and abroad are requested to give first priority to those retiring after four years of service and a way of doing this work by taking forward the Ministry of Home Affairs and industrialists. should be appreciated. which enriches their lives. needed.

Hardik Patel further said that the prominent industrialists of the Patidar society and especially the statement that all of you should adopt this rule of the government and those who retire after four years should give their first priority and once again to the youth. Life should be revived and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should act in such a way that this step is meaningful.

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