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Hardik Patel talks about Agneepath project

The Agneepath project is being opposed across the country. Violence has increased sharply in many parts of the country in the past few days and damage to government equipment, including railway stations, has been reported. Some people have come to the railway gates to protest against the plan. Patidar leader Hardik Patel supported the plan and said that first priority would be given to Agni Veeros in the scheme.

Hardik Patel said in a tweet on Monday that the Patidar society is always ready to serve the country and every youth who is recruited in the Government of India will be given good salary for four years and will be given first priority after the job.

Hardik Patel is supporting this scheme and says that after four years the government will give him many benefits as well as give him first priority in job in near future. Hardik Patel said that a very historic decision has been taken by Narendra Modi .

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