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Hailey On It! Episode 1 Release Date: What To Expect From It?


We all have our own special lists of things to do. And every adolescent has fantasized about being the one to finally save the world. Disney now introduces you to a risk-averse but resourceful California adolescent from Oceanside.

Hailey Banks is the name of this young lady. Now, as the series name implies, Hailey is on a quest. I’m intrigued by her mission. She is determined to save the world by completing her long list of difficult and often impractical chores.

Everyone has their own set of phobias, right? Like the rest of us, Hailey has her share of phobias. She has a history of being resistant to change. But for how much longer will this go on? She hopes to change society’s perception of her by doing so. Accompany us as we observe Hailey’s maturation as a character.

Hailey On It! Episode 1 Release Date

Hailey Is Right On It! The first episode is scheduled to premiere on 8 June 2023 and will run for 22 minutes. To put it another way: who isn’t thrilled? Absolutely, we are! We couldn’t possibly miss a Disney show, now can we!? Below are the dates and times for the international release or broadcast:

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Daylight Time 5:00 PM June 08, 2023
Central Daylight Time 7:00 PM June 08, 2023
Eastern Daylight Time 8:00 PM June 08, 2023
British Summer Time 1:00 AM June 09, 2023
Indian Standard Time 5:30 AM June 09, 2023
Japanese Standard Time 9:00 AM June 09, 2023
Australia Time 10:00 AM June 09, 2023

Trailer for “Hailey’s On It!”

The trailer has won fans over and generated high levels of excitement. It would appear that Disney has returned with yet another cheerful and entertaining show.

Hailey On It! Episode 1 Release Date

The trailer gives us the impression that Hailey is a lively young woman. She tells us her entire story, shining personality and all. She is not the type to experiment with new things. But how static can a person be for so long?

The trailer also features some really memorable music. Why wouldn’t it be? Matthew Tishler composed the theme song, after all. The ‘Hailey’s On It!’ budget is $21.65 million, and rumors have it that Wade Wisinski is the producer.

Check Out: Offical Trailer

For Hailey, it’s clear that this is her destiny. The characters in Kevin Bunje and Karen Graci’s story are meant to appeal to listeners of all ages. To attract a wider audience, Hailey is written to be relatable.

Hailey’s On It! Season 1, Episode 1: What To Expect?

Can we ever say that Disney disappointed us? Surely not! Continuing with this series is a great idea. This year, Hailey is resolved to make sweeping changes, and then Hailey from the future appears bearing a book filled with urgent and desirable tasks.

Hailey On It! Episode 1 Release Date

Just a single list. The next step is for Hailey Banks to study the Glockenspiel. She’ll likely come up with a novel hue, too. But most importantly, she must make out with Scott Denoga. I know, right!? She must now devise a strategy to save the planet by successfully completing all the tasks on the list.

While waiting for the premiere of Hailey On It! Episode 1, you can watch more shows in the same genre. Some examples of such shows are My Home Hero Episode 10 and Tengoku Daimakyou Episode 10.

Only one season of the romantic comedy ‘Hailey’s On It!’ has been confirmed thus far. Episode 1 of ‘Hailey’s On It! ‘The Beginning of the Friend’ is meant to depict Hailey’s attempt to complete her to-do list by going on every ride at the county fair.

Hailey’s On It Episode 1: Where Can I Watch It?

Disney is presenting the film Hailey’s On It! Disney Channel and Disney XD will both be broadcasting the series. Visit Disney Now to view ‘Hailey’s On It!’ online.


Hailey Banks is a risk-averse California adolescent determined to save the world by completing her list of difficult chores. The first episode premieres on 8 June 2023 and will run for 22 minutes. Hailey’s On It! is a romantic comedy with a budget of $21.65 million, written to appeal to all ages and featuring relatable characters. Disney Channel and Disney XD will broadcast the series.

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