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Haesoo, a Popular Korean Singer, Was Found Dead in Her Hotel Room, and Suicide Suspected!


We’re going to share some news with you here. In the present piece, we are going to look into the phenomenon of viral news. HAESOO has been identified as the singer who had previously remained anonymous and whose body was discovered on May 12 in her apartment along with a note indicating that she had committed suicide. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

Haesoo, in her native country, the 29-year-old had made a name for herself as a trot singer. Trot is a famous K-pop genre that emphasizes on repeating rhythm patterns and vocal modulation.

On May 15, her team broke the news to the public that Haesoo had passed away. According to the statement, the artist passed away on May 12 and there would be no public viewing or funeral services.

Last week, the body of the South Korean singer Haesoo was discovered inside her home. The message was found by the authorities and is believed to have been written by the trot singer, who was 29 years old at the time of her death, as reported by Naver.

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Additionally, the group pleaded with everyone to stop from disseminating untrue information about the singer. In the next message, the author stated, “We express our condolences on the final remaining journey of the deceased.”

On Monday, South Korean media reported that the name of the K-pop artist was Haesoo. A suicide letter that was found by the police and publicized by the Korean news website Koreaboo was also included.

However, the cops are not disclosing any specifics regarding the letter, and they have dismissed any notions that there was any kind of foul play involved. The singer was reportedly found dead in a hotel room, contrary to earlier reports which stated that her body was discovered in her dorm room where she lived.

On May 20th, it was planned that Haesoo will give a performance at a festival. Various source has disclosed that due to her unexpected passing, she will no longer be participating in the event.

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Haesoo marked her debut in 2019. Her admirers were familiar with her because she was a trot singer. Her debut studio album was titled My Life I Will. After starring in various South Korean television shows, such as The Trot Show, AM Plaza, and Gayo Stage, she quickly became a well-known figure in that country. Additionally, she appeared on the program “Immortal Song” broadcast on KBS 2TV.

How Are Fans Reacting?

followers of Haesoo’s work, as well as followers of K-pop in general, are taking to social media to express their concerns about the rising mental strain that many Korean musicians are experiencing.


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