December 7, 2022
 ગુજરાતી દીકરી એ ઇતિહાસ રચ્યો, બાબાસાહેબ આંબેડકર ના ફોટા લઈને હાથી ઉપર નીકળી આ છોકરી, જાણો સમગ્ર મામલો 

Some cases make us feel proud. A photo is becoming very viral on social media. Where Dalits are prevented from riding horses. There a girl climbed an elephant and respected her community. And taught a lesson to those who think high and low about casteism.

The girl climbed on the elephant taking the photo of Babasaheb Ambedkar

The entire dispute is of Gujarat. A girl from the Dalit community of Gujarat took a photo of Babasaheb Ambedkar on an elephant and went out for marriage. This one Sikh has arranged everything.

Gujarat’s grandson Parmar could not ride a horse in his marriage. Due to racism, he could not get married with pomp. But the marriage of his daughter was fixed. Some anti-social elements did not allow him to ride a horse. But his daughter has fulfilled his dream.

Gujarati daughter created history this girl climbed on an elephant

When a girl named Bharti was sitting on an elephant in Surendranagar area of ​​Saurashtra, Gujarat, everyone was watching. Along with this, he has shown a very good work against anti-social elements. The video is going viral on social media. And now that people have forgotten casteism and discrimination, everyone needs to unite.

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