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Gujarat government took this decision for farmers, this change came in support price

It was organized at the level of Gujarat cabinet meeting in which a huge decision has been taken by Jitu Vaghan and separate rules have been made to ensure support price of 14 crops to the farmers. In which Rs.300 in Adad, Rs.350 in Cotton, Rs.523 in Sesame. After that Jitu Vaghan has said that the Vande Gujarat Yatra takes place from July 1 to July 15 in which about 80 chariots will be organized. A chariot will travel around ten villages every day.

Jitu Vaghan has reduced the Kharif crop to a minimum. This decision has been taken to ensure that the farmers get fair price. Jitu Vaghan said that if farmers do farming on support price then they can get 20 to 5 percent profit and farmers can get double income.

Since then the price of groundnut in Gujarat has increased by Rs 500 per quintal and that of tur by Rs 400 while that of mug has increased by Rs 480.

After that Jitu Vaghan says that 14 crops of Kharif season prepared by the farmers of Gujarat will be bought on support basis only. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is thanking Narendra Modi for taking a new initiative to increase the income of farmers as well as today’s abundant income and farmers can now see a good increase in their income because of the spirit of support in farming. cost has been reduced. Is.

Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi will now be on a tour of Gujarat on June 12 and 13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will first visit Pavagadh in Gujarat and present employment and gifts to more than three thousand crore people there. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is to be inaugurated and many other works are to be completed.

Since June 21 is World Yoga Day, many social organizations as well as educational institutions like health institutions will also celebrate this day.

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