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Government’s big digital strike shook social media, 22 YouTube channels closed


The government has now turned a blind eye to the randomly popping YouTube channels and has initiated action against the portal which is posting false information and headline tables stories on the web without any basis.
The government has ordered the government to block 22 YouTube channels, three Twitter accounts, one Facebook account and one news website for using emergency power under the IT Rules 2021 of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The blocked YouTube channels had a total of 260 million viewers. These accounts and channels have been accused of being highly sensitive and used to spread fake news and misinformation on social media related to India’s security, foreign policy and public order.

This is the first time that action has been taken on Indian YouTube channels as per IT Rules 2021.
It is worth noting that the government had announced the notification on IT Rules 2021 in February last year and now action is being taken against such YouTube channels, under the latest blocking order, 18 Indian and 4 Pakistani YouTube channels have been blocked, The government’s digital strike has sparked outrage against YouTube channels and web portals including ARP News, AOP News, LDC News, Sarkar Babu, SS Zone Hindi, Smart News, News23 Hindi, Online Khabar, DP News, PKB News, Kisan Tak YouTubers in action. , borana news, sarkar news updates, india weather, rj zone 6, exam report, digi gurukul, day long news…
Which Pakistani channel was blocked?
Duniya Meri Aggi, Ghulam Nabi Madani, Haqeeqat TV, Haqeeqat TV 2.0
the world is my fire
social media accounts
Twitter – Ghulam Nabi Madani, The world is ahead of me, Reality TV
Facebook – The world is ahead of me.

Anti-India content posted by social media accounts has also been blocked. The investigation has found that a lot of misinformation about the situation in Ukraine has been shared by Indian YouTube channels. Open steps have been taken by these channels to affect India’s relations with other countries and investigations are underway against other YouTube channels as well as web portals.



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