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Gorakhnath temple attack: Murtaza inspired by ISIS, Syrian video found in laptop, abandoned wife will be interrogated


Was Murtaza IS accused of attacking PAC personnel posted in Gorakhnath temple inspired by IS ideology? Syrian videos are said to have been found on Mortaza’s laptop. Many of these videos are of horrific violence. On the other hand, UP ATS has started an all-round investigation into the matter. Sources said Murtaza’s wife (who has deserted him) would also be questioned in the case. ATS is also probing Murtaza’s travel history. Meanwhile, on the second day of his Gorakhpur visit, CM Adityanath has summoned all the officers including Commissioner, ADG, IG, DM, SSP of Gorakhpur to Gorakhnath temple. The CM, who reached Gorakhpur on Monday evening, is meeting the top officials for the third time.

One team of ATS has reached Mumbai and one team has reached Nepal. Apart from Gorakhpur, ATS team is also investigating in Siddharthnagar, Maharajganj, Kushinagar and Sant Kabirnagar. It is being told that the ATS team has been verifying the whereabouts of Murtaza during the interrogation for the last few days. Murtaza has told the ATS to go to Jamnagar for a job. A team from Jamnagar is probing whether he had gone for a job or for some other reason. Similarly, information is being received that Murtaza has connections from Mumbai, Coimbatore, Nepal and other places.

Abandoned wife will also be questioned
Murtaza’s father Munir Abbasi had said yesterday that his wife had also left him due to his mental condition. Murtaza’s wife is said to be a resident of Ghazipur. ATS will soon inquire about Martaza from him as well. Apart from this, the ATS is also questioning Murtaza’s family members, his close friends and helpers.

Father claims Murtaza went to Gorakhnath temple to commit suicide
Murtaza Abbasi’s father Munir Abbasi has claimed that over the years, Murtaza’s attitude was suicidal. He said that after getting the cycle, Mortaza said that he wanted to fight with the car. He claimed that Mortaza’s instincts were suicidal from the beginning. The reason behind the attack on the PAC going to Gorakhnath temple is that they will shoot him.

laptop was ordered online
Murtaza’s father also claimed that the laptop seized from him by the ATS was bought online a few days back. He said that for this he had given one lakh rupees. Munir Abbasi said that Mortaza’s mental condition is not good. He should be treated with sympathy.

Fear of summons of Rs 36 lakh
Munir Ahmed Abbasi claimed that the ATS team had reached his house on 2 April. Neither he nor Murtaza were at home at that time. At home his elder brother Dr. A.K. Meet Abbasi. Two people who reached home told that summons have been issued against Murtaza by the court. 36 lakhs case. When Dr. Abbasi asked for summons, the alleged ATS men who reached home said, “First call Murtaza, only after he comes the papers will be shown.” Dr. Abbasi went inside to call Mortaza, at that time both of them The men were back on their bikes. Based on the vehicle number and CCTV footage, both the persons were identified as belonging to ATS. Meanwhile, Murtaza came to know. On the other hand, Mortaza made this statement in the investigation of the ATS.

Murtaza told during interrogation that his elder father had told the police about coming home. After this he fled to Nepal out of fear. Returned to Gorakhpur from Nepal on Sunday evening and directly reached Gorakhnath temple. Murtaza said that seeing the policemen stationed at the temple gate, he remembered his elder father and in fear and anger, he attacked the police with a sharp weapon kept nearby. However, the police is probing his statements. Police investigation has revealed that he had bought the rest of the goods from the Nepal border district on the way and kept it in a bag.

mumbai address have sim and aadhar card
Murtaza’s mobile sim and Aadhar card Mumbai address have been found. Although one of the reasons for this could also be that he lived in Mumbai. Police is investigating from every aspect.

Murtaza went to his grandparents’ house in Coimbatore
Murtaza’s father Munir Abbasi told the media that the bag found from Murtaza was found near his boarding house. He said that he had gone to Mumbai on March 28. He has a flat which he had gone to rent. He had returned from an Indigo flight on April 2. They said they had visited Murtaza’s grandparents’ house in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, a few days ago.

didn’t even work
Munir says that due to big problems, Murtaza did not even get a job. He lay in the room for several days without any notice. did not go to duty. He said that he had also treated Murtaza in Jamnagar. According to him, Murtaza cannot be left alone. He sleeps in the same room with them.



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