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Google surprised the users! This important service is going to be closed, know how we can work now

In February, Google replaced the Hangouts app with a new Google Chat for Workspace users. The company is now set to completely shut down the old Hangouts by the end of this year. Moving all existing users of the platform to Google Chat. Google has revealed in a new blog post that Hangouts will be deselecting in November 2022, before asking users on desktop and mobile to switch to Google Chat.

can download data
Hangouts Platform chat data will automatically be available on Google Chat and users will also have the option to download all their Hangouts data before the platform expires.

Google made such a post
Google said in a post, “Starting today, those who use Hangouts on mobile will see an in-app screen asking them to go to Chat or the Chat app in Gmail.” Similarly, people who use the Hangouts Chrome extension will be asked to enter a chat on the web or install the Chat web application. In July, people using Hangouts in Gmail on the web will be upgraded to Chat in Gmail.

Google Chat will be redirected to the web
Hangouts users will also see an in-product notification at least one month before Hangouts Web is removed. After this, Hangouts Web will automatically start redirecting visitors to Google Chat Web.

Hangouts came out in 2013
Hangouts was introduced back in 2013 and was a planned successor to GChat (not to be confused with the new Google Chat), the original GChat or, as some may know, Google Talk, which was discontinued earlier this month. was given.

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