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Google is rolling out this shocking feature! Will give an accurate answer even if the opposite words are spoken; learn how

Google Assistant will soon recognize your voice as the company is working on a personal speech recognition feature. According to 9to5Google, this tool will help Google Assistant “better recognize your frequent words and names”. This means that even if you have typed the wrong word, Google will give you the correct answer. Let us tell you, the ‘Personalized Speech Recognition’ feature will appear in the Google Assistant settings.

What did the company say?
The company said, ‘Store audio recordings on this device so that the Google Assistant can better recognize your words. Audio remains on this device and can be deleted at any time by turning off personal speech recognition. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office.

Will give the correct answer even if the opposite words are spoken
This feature would allow more advanced recognition of command and contact names. Due to privacy concerns, Google will give users the option to opt out of personal voice recognition if they do not wish to have their voice stored.

Gradually this facility will reach everyone
The virtual assistant software application can now alert users to change their password and even help them change it. The company said that the new experience will roll out gradually, but only after a handful of users start getting it on their devices.

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