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Google dismissed the allegations of racism in the office, know what is the whole matter

The US-based Dalit civil rights group on Thursday accused Google’s office of having a racist and hostile environment. However, Google has denied the allegations. Dalit rights organization Equality Labs alleges that the Google management has exposed the lack of caste qualifications. This puts its employees at risk, as it allows racial bigotry and harassment to prevail in the company.

A Google spokesperson responded

“Racial discrimination has no place in our workplace,” Google spokeswoman Shannon Newbery told The Washington Post in response to Equality Labs’ allegations. We have a clear policy against discrimination and retaliation in our office. Everyone knows this. An Indian-American employee has resigned in connection with the case. The news of the alleged discrimination was first published in The Washington Post.

Equality Labs said in a statement that opponents of racial equality had internally spread misinformation about Sundararajan and Equality Labs until the Civil Rights Act was eventually repealed.

Gender equality lies in empathy: Sundararajan

According to The Washington Post, Equality Labs executive director Thanmoji Sundararajan has faced discriminatory lawsuits at Google. Sundararajan said, “Love, empathy and justice are at the root of the movement towards gender equality. Sundararajan further said, “I cannot find words to express the painful and discriminatory attitude of Google towards its employees and me. She further said that the company had illegally shut down on grounds of gender equality.

Google has a pattern of gender discrimination: Tanuja Gupta

Former Google Project Manager Tanuja Gupta is the original organizer of the Google Walkout. More than 400 Google activists supported her in her protest against gender equality. “I saw women of four colors harassed and silenced because of caste discrimination,” Gupta said. Gupta said the resignation email was shared with over 15,000 Googlers on June 1, 2022. He said gender discrimination is a fact at Google. It is not an isolated phenomenon, it is a pattern.

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