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Google Brings Explosive Filters! will make your photo more beautiful; learn how

We use our smartphones for many things, one of which is taking pictures. While taking any picture we try to make it look good and we look beautiful in it. Google recently released a glowing filter that will make your photos more beautiful. Let us know what this filter is and how it can be used.

For your information, let us tell you that Google has introduced a glowing filter named Real Tone in its flagship smartphone Google Pixel 6. This feature gives a very natural and beautiful touch to your photos. Let us tell you that this feature can now be used by those people who do not have Google Pixel 6 smartphone. Let us know how this can happen.

As we just told you, people except Google Pixel 6 users will be able to use this filter. Google has also released this feature for Google Photos along with its flagship smartphone. You can download this Google Photos app from both Google Play Store and App Store platforms. Next we’ll show you how to use this filter on Google Photos.

By following the steps we are going to tell you, you can easily use this filter on the Google Photos app. If you don’t have the Google Photos app, download it to your phone and if you have this app on your phone, update to the latest version. After that, open the app, select the photo you want to apply the filter to, select the ‘Edit’ option in the toolbar, then go to the ‘Filters’ option and from here select the one you like in the new Google Real Tone. Filter Select Filter. Now download the photo by clicking on ‘Save Copy’.

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