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Good Luck Jerry Review: If you are going to watch this movie then you must read the review

Good Luck Jerry Review: If you are going to watch this movie then you must read the review

Good Luck Jerry, the official remake of the Tamil film Kolammavu Nightingale (2018), looks charming in its simple story. In Punjab, a seemingly innocent girl from Bihar gets involved in the drug trade due to her family situation. But he is not as innocent as he looks. The film shows how he fights drug dealers and saves his family from their trap. It is a dark comic thriller. But the problem is that after a good start, the film goes from light to dark as it unfolds. The screen goes so dark in the last few minutes of the film that if you watch this film released directly on mobile OTT, it will be difficult to understand what is going on on the screen.

Good Luck Jerry Review: If you are going to watch this movie then you must read the review

This story of Jaya Kumari aka Jerry (Jhanvi Kapoor) and drug dealers sometimes turns into a Tom and Jerry comic, sometimes childish. In this final scene, the drug dealers follow Jerry and his family and friends with their shipment of 100 kilos of drugs. This game of cat and mouse is so long in the climax that you wonder when it will end. If the beginning of the film is good. After his father’s death, Jerry works in a massage parlor to support his mother and sister’s (Mita Sr.-Samtha Sudiksha) family. He constantly reassures the mother, never doing anything to scare her. This house has the attention of three women and three different men in the area. The writer-director turns this situation into comedy.

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The most interesting track of the film is how circumstances lead Jerry to drug smugglers. How Jerry agrees to enter the drug supply business to treat his mother’s lung cancer, stage II. After this the film goes well for a while, but when Jerry wants to leave the gang for fear of being caught by the police, he is tried by gang boss Timmy (Jasbant Singh Dalal). It’s wrong, the script starts to rot. The isolation that begins here taints the script to the end.

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Amid the buzz of the film across India, Good Luck Jerry, released directly on Disney Hotstar, has been dubbed entirely in Punjabi. A decadent script of a good story is supported by some comic situations, some dialogues and good performances by the actors. It’s a must see when it’s free. There is no doubt that Janhvi Kapoor gave a very good performance. But he couldn’t mix comic timing with his innocence. After all he said I’m not so innocent. But whatever he does in the story, it doesn’t show up.

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Jerry’s strong support here includes Rinku (Deepak Dobriyal) who tries to be his lover, mother Sharvati (Meeta Vasishta) and Timmy. The characters of Neeraj Sood, Sushant Singh, Samata Sudiksha and Sahil Mehta also make their presence felt in the story. The songs and music of the film are average. Siddharth Sen’s direction is good, but if he had saved the film from faltering in the second half, Good Luck Jerry would have entertained in the end. The comedy of the film goes down a notch at times, which will shock you while watching it with the family. Good Luck Jerry’s loose and long climax disappoints.

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