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GK knows Barkha’s upcoming plan, now how Anupama will face all the difficulties

In the latest episode of TV’s famous serial Anupama, the audience will get to see a lot of drama. Once again Barkha will beat Anupama for a slight improvement in her middle class status. JK will then catch Barkha talking about Anuj entering the business.

Now it will be fun to see how Anupama listens to this new family drama in her life. If Anupama agrees to go to her dance class, Sara will also agree to accompany her. Barkha will feel very bad seeing her own daughter so happy with Anupama.

Seeing all this, after becoming Anuj Kapadia’s wife, he will take such a small dance class by beating Anupama. However, Anupama will ignore his words. Without getting annoyed by Barkha’s words, Anupama tells her that it is very important for Anupama to keep her identity separate from Anuj.

She just doesn’t want to identify herself as Anuj Kapadia’s wife. She doesn’t want to be special and the problem is that thoughts like these make her special.

Later, Barkha discusses a plan to contact Anuj to win her trust. GK catches them discussing and Barkha is shocked, wondering what will he do if JK comes to know about his true intentions.

Though GK is yet to know about his plan, his doubts keep increasing. It will be interesting to see how Barkha continues with her plans and whether GK will be able to find out the truth.

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